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Some of the games currently available on Android 2.2 and above from ...  [ alex aris ] games  ... via Google Play Store


Dead Pixel Invaders

Office Worker

Shapes Mindorama

There are other games available for *FREE* as well !

Why not try out : Bump, Fartoids and UP ! Available *NOW* on ANDROID from Google Play Store !

Some of these games and others ( versions may differ ) are available for Download *NOW* on PC : [ www.arisfamily.co.uk/alex ]

Available for  HMTL5 *NOW* : Bump ( Some Browsers may encounter sound issues ).

Available for Download *NOW* on MAC : Office Worker ( *BETA* ) and Roswell Project ( *BETA* ).

Available for Download *NOW* on PC :  Roswell Project.

Available for Download *NOW* on UBUNTU : BumpOffice Worker and Roswell Project.

***Available for Download *NOW* *FREE* on MAC, PC and UBUNTU ( Bundle Edition ) ... Dead Pixel Invaders ( FULL Version)***

***Available for Download *NOW* *FREE* on MAC and PC ( Bundle Edition ) ... Shapes Mindorama ( FULL Version)***

Dead Pixel Invaders and Shapes Mindorama are also available for *FREE* on Android via Google Play Store  and on Ubuntu via Ubuntu App Store.

More to come with some re-releases on PC ...

*** NEW RELEASE *** on ANDROID : Super Bump available from Google Play Store , also on PC Super Bump, coming soon to Ubuntu ...

*** NEW RELEASE *** on ANDROID : Bugsy Reloaded available from Google Play Store , coming soon to PC and Ubuntu ...

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